Prince William and Prince Harry Share the Sweetest Brotherly Moments

Meghan Markle

 and Prince Harry might have been the ones exchanging vows may on May 19, but another lifetime bond was acknowledged at Harry’s royal wedding — and it’s between the groom and his older brother, Prince William, serving as his best man at Harry’s request. (Harry did the same for William back in 2011 during his wedding to Kate Middleton.)

At the extensive Windsor Castle celebration on Saturday, joined by thousands of pre-selected onlookers and honored guests for their ceremony and reception, the brothers shared several sweet moments throughout the ceremony.
The brothers, who are just two years apart in age, have always been close — being in the global spotlight since birth will do that to you. In recent years, as both have ramped up their activities with their charities of choice and made more royal appearances, that bond has only seemed to deepen.

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