Pictures You Will Understand Only After Looking At Them Twice

when you see a picture, you see it as something, because first look can be deceiving and you always need another look at it to really know what is really going on.

1. Bun man

2. Bun man

Wait girl, is that a bun or a man? Well, if it you look like a man bun, we can’t help but be deceived.

 2. Such claims

3. Such claims

The company, never make huge claims when you cannot deliver on them. Well, Krispy Kreme, can you deliver on these promises you are making? Are you even making them?

3. Picture timing

4. Picture timing

Do you know? You need to make sure that whenever you are taking a picture, the background around you is safe and no one is taking a bath. Please, moments like these can ruin your victory picture.

4. So happy

5. So happy

Looks like this dog is too happy for his master’s engagement and this kiss got him really really happy. Dogs get happy in your happiness. :’)

5. Nice place to sleep

6. Nice place to sleep

I agree when you are sleepy, you can sleep anywhere, but sleeping during an interview is going on and the guy in front of you is on camera? That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

6. Look at me too

7. Look at me too

What a subtle photo bomb, girl. When the chicks and guy think that they can have a picture without me, they are so wrong.

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