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Moment dad knocks out yob who ‘wees against his fence’ and goads him in front of his kids

THIS is the moment a dad snaps and knocks out a yob who urinated on his fence and tried to goad him into a fight.The footage begins with the pair involved in a dispute, as the man is accused of peeing on the dad’s property in Bushey, Herts.

He is told to move on, but refuses and begins goading the dad into a fight.The dad responds: “Will you move on? I can’t do this in front of my kids, are you mental?”His wife calls the police and the dad’s children can be heard crying in the background – but the younger man, who is clearly drunk, then takes off his shirt and tries to taunt him into a fight.The dad tells him: “The police are coming. You are on camera […] you broke my property, you are in front of my children and my wife. Move on. I can’t do this in front of my children.”

He continues to ask him to move on, but the younger man lodges himself into his house gate which breaks as a result.“You’re drunk man, take your guitar and get off my property,” the dad says.“You’re not being fing nice.”However he still refuses to move, telling the dad: “Don’t p me off mate.” spokeswoman for Hertfordshire Police said: “Police were called at 8.43am on Saturday, October 22 to report a disturbance in Hartswood Close, Bushey.“It was reported that a verbal altercation has occurred between two men.“Officers attended the scene, spoke to both parties involved and no offences were disclosed.“Today Safer Neighbourhood Team officers have been made aware of a video of the alleged incident on social media.“This is now under review and enquiries will be carried out accordingly.”

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