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Mexico governor killed in an air crash

The governor of Mexico’s central Puebla state, Martha Erika Alonso, has died in an air crash, just days after being sworn into office.

Her husband, Senator Rafael Moreno Valle, was also killed.

Reports from Mexico say the accident happened shortly after the aircraft took off from the city of Puebla.

Ms Alonso, 45, became the first female governor of Puebla after hotly contested elections. She was member of the centre-right PAN party.

The deaths were confirmed by Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

It was not immediately known whether the pilot was also killed.

Ms Alonso had taken office only on 14 December, narrowly beating President Lopez Obrador’s favoured candidate for the governorship.

Monday’s incident comes after a number of high-profile deaths in helicopter crashes over the years in Mexico, including Interior Minister Francisco Blake in 2011, the BBC’s Will Grant reports.

Earlier this year, 13 people died when a minister’s helicopter crashed into a crowd, although the minister himself survived, our correspondent says.

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