A mosquito is found LIVING in a man’s nose and had been there for two days

The man from Vietnam, went to see a doctor after hearing a strange buzzing sound in his nose.He also reported itching inside his nostril – hardly surprising given how pesky mosquito bites are.The blood-sucking insect had managed to survive flying into the patient’s nose, despite being buried in snot.

Dr Thuoc, who treated the patient, caught the mosquito on camera.In the clip you can see the insect twitching and buzzing, but unable to move due to the mucus in the patients nose.


He used a clamp to pull the mosquito out of the man’s nose and no damage was caused.It’s not uncommon for bugs to be found in all sorts of bizarre places in the body.

Last week we reported on the grim moment a live cockroach was pulled out of a patient’s ear.

Ear nose and throat surgeon Rahmat Omar filmed the moment he looked inside his patients ear to discover if was blocked by a cockroach.

The creepy crawly can be seen wedged in the ear canal as Dr Omar uses tools to remove it.

The bug tries to crawl further into the ear to get away, but eventually Dr Omar is able to grab hold of it and pull it out. CREDIT GOES TO DAILY SUN.


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